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        Plastic insulated wires buried in the wall will accelerate damage and cause leakage.

         People in the home decoration, in order to beautiful, like the plastic insulated wire buried in the wall. However, such an approach appears to be beautiful, but there is a wall leakage and many other security risks.SSS【上海贝为电线电缆有限公司】

        Xi'an City Safety Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person introduced, plastic insulated wire used for a long time after, the plastic aging crack, insulation levels are greatly reduced, when the line short-time overload or short circuit, more easy to accelerate damage to the insulation. In addition, once the wall moisture, it will cause a large area leakage, endangering the personal safety. Directly buried, it is not conducive to line maintenance and maintenance.
        With the popularization of household appliances, it is very important to grasp the knowledge of safety. First, do not buy a fake and shoddy products; home appliances should be complete and reliable power line plug connection and grounding protection; ground shall not be connected to tap water, gas pipe; wet hands can not contact live electrical equipment; not private pulled indiscriminate wiring; inspection appliance repair is disconnected from the power supply; when the power cord is damaged to immediately replace; appliance fire to power and fire. For plastic insulation wire can be hidden in the can pull the door cabinet drawer, for household electrical safety, it is best not to buried.
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